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ready to scale to consistent $10k+ months while living on a tropical island?!

You didn’t start your business just to               
You built it so that you can                

Girl, believe me, I feel your pain. I feel it because I was there.

You’ve been putting in the hard AF work to build your business. You tied up that messy bun, put on your favorite power jams, and made sh!t happen in your business. And it’s worked! You’re FINALLY getting paid to do what you love and it lights you TF up inside.

But there’s just one problem – things have become stagnant and it feels more like you are doggy paddling instead of riding the wave of success to that next level.

After all that hard work, still, nothing is easy and every day is a balancing act. You have some clients here and there. Your hours are long and your days still feel hectic and scattered. You’re trying to figure out how to scale your business but you’re having a hard enough time just running it.

You’re still spending too many nights on business plans, content creation, and Instagram stories, and not enough on celebrating your those mystical 5-figure launches over cocktails on the beach.

You’re surviving as a business owner, but you want to start THRIVING.

You want to be fully booked out with dream clients who are begging for your services

You want to create passive income streams while you’re dreaming sweet dreams about your next five-figure launch.



You want to finally step into the role you were born for:

Bad Ass CEO with a capital B

but the imposter syndrome feels so real

Can this really be how every one else made it?

Am I cut out for this whole entrepreneur thing?

let me stop you there, sista

The smiles on other girls' faces like this one are not forced and the background isn't fake. There is a way to scale your business with ease, speed, and joy.



It's time to go


& start having


you want and more

an elite 6 month mastermind designed to help you scale to consistent $10k months and thrive with true financial & location freedom

say hello to

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching

Digital Nomad Month

I created The Laptop Lifestyle Mastermind to be a game changing experience with a unique "trifecta" unlike any other mastermind out there. This program combines all the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching, group program communities, and business retreats in exotic locations, to provide the most energizing, high level support you could ask for!

This unique combo of consistent access to a supportive coach in your corner, an incredible community to lean on and learn from, and the inspiration of waking up and working from paradise reminding you that anything is possible...

it's like a freakin’ cheat code for scaling your business. 


Having the zen-like peace of mind that you’re not just going to make enough money in your business this month, but that you now have a secure, consistent income for months down the line. Deep breath out.

Waking up from your beauty sleep, feeling radiant and refreshed AF, grabbing your phone, and seeing that you made ANOTHER sale. Call it passed out passive income.

Working on your passion alongside people you admire and align with, and ending the day with a different kind of "office" happy hour – sunset cocktails on the beach. 

Hitting your stride, owning your role as a business owner, and deciding those consistent $10k months aren’t just “nice to haves” anymore – it’s your new freakin' normal.  

Acting like a true CEO and running your business like a well-oiled machine with a team to help, instead of you having to stay up late because you forgot to send that invoice and do your Instagram stories...again. 

I'm here to...

take you hand-in-hand over the next 6 months and help you create the lifestyle & financial freedom you've been working so hard for - faster, better, together!

The Laptop Lifestyle Mastermind will take you through:

Email marketing

passive income


Social media is great and all but you don't own your followers. What happens if you get locked out or if Instagram disappears? Okay, not likely but still - email marketing is a power method of not only nurturing our audience but creating automations in the background.

The two best words in the online business world! Yes, yes and yes we will be creating and launching your first (or next) passive income offer and laying the foundation for you to scale and serve the masses. It won't be long until bae's good morning texts get pushed aside for Stripe notifications.

Whether you are a coach or a service provide launching can be an insanely powerful way to bring large cash injections into your business. Launching can be energizing and fun when you are prepared and know what to you and trust me, you're gonna be a pro.

confident af sales

scaling with ease

hiring & outsourcing

Sales is the heart and soul of any online business, and no, it doesn't have to feel hard or icky. We're diving deep into psychology, communication, and sales strategies to help you learn to freakin' love sales and feel confident AF!

Scaling can be tricky and there are inevitably growing pains at every level so we are going to be covering exactly how you can scale YOUR business unique to your vision, strengths and desires - because let's be real, this world is never one size fits all.

This might feel far away but trust me, if you want to get to six figures your first (or next) hire is right on your doorstep. We are going to have lots of trainings and even a guest expert come in to help you learn how to maintain your vision while hiring the right people at the right time and letting go of control.

next level
content marketing


NLP + Mindset

Our good ole friend content marketing... it's time to ramp up and make content marketing your bitch. No more last minute, 3 hours to write one Instagram caption. We are putting in place strategies and structures to help you create not only epic content but MORE to get visible and reach those dream clients.

You will eventually fall or rise to the level of your systems and if you want to be sippin' mojitos on the beach with me in Thailand we can't have you working 24/7 pulling your hair out. Systems and organization are key to scaling (period).

New level, new devil. Even 7 figure CEO's struggle with mindset and I know you are no different which is why we will be focusing not only on building an unstoppable mindset to propel your forward, but also learning some basics of NLP for business.

& more

The Methodology

I noticed something absolutely crucial that most programs don't account for when showing you how to scale: they don't give you time to execute, so you are left with amazing knowledge but lack of time and guidance for you to put the pieces of the puzzle into place.

I don't want you to leave with information overwhelm which is why every month of the mastermind follows my unique 4 step methodology:






vip baby

payment plan

pay in full

payment plan

vip includes:



Apply Now

6 months private voxer access

one 90 min intensive


one payment of

6 monthly payments

+ $1000 downpayment

6 monthly payments

+ $1000 downpayment

**only 2 spots

Domitille Holik, Pinterest Manager

I did not even have a business when I started with Amanda. In my first week of launching I made money and in my first month, I signed two long terms contracts and worked on two one time projects. I made almost $2k my first month and already have planned revenue of at least $900 each month so far for the next 6 months. There's never going to be a right time and you'll never be ready but if you want this lifestyle you have to make the jump.

The best investment ever

Dana Drahos, Podcast Manager

Before working with Amanda I was hanging on for dear life to clients who didn't see my value and were barely paying me anything.  I was feeling so totally overwhelmed with #allthethings I had to do as a new business owner. I was scared thinking about scaling my business. In less than 3 months, I've quadrupled my prices and gone from one client paying almost nothing, to 5 clients on the roster, more in the pipe line, and hiring two team members. And the best part, I was able to finally quit my English teaching job and have already made $4.8k.

from free work to $4.8k

Laptop Lifestylers who are straight

killin' it!

Candice Marie, Email Marketing + Funnel Strategist

I would 10000% recommend Amanda as a business coach (as long as she still has space to coach me! haha) The thing that I like most about working her is that you know she has your back! She is your biggest cheerleader and is so genuinely stoked about your wins. With that being said, she will not be afraid to tell you like it is and give you that constructive feedback when you need it. Amanda is also very business smart and can often come up with multiple ways to tackle your pain points. She never has just one answer for you or one way to do something because she understands that everyone thinks differently and wants to do things in their own business differently.

She has your back

Melissa Donovan, Copywriter 

My favorite results from working with Amanda are the positive shifts in my mindset and confidence. Even through the tougher days, I now know without a doubt that I will be a successful business owner. I feel confident pitching my services to dream clients, and know that that I'm never "stuck" because I have Amanda and the girls from her program as my business besties. The confidence that my business will grow with me and allow me to live my dream lifestyle has been my greatest result from working with Amanda.

i now know without a doubt I will be successful

Here's what you get:

3 45 min Private Coaching Calls with Amanda

These coaching calls are jam packed sessions where we are busting through blocks and mapping out all the nitty gritty aspects of your business unique to you. 

($4000 value)

12 90 min Group Coaching Calls

This is where you learn from all the questions you didn't even know you had until you heard them; where you learn from 10 different businesses and perspectives and truly bond together as a tribe!

($2500 value)

6 live Guest Expert Trainings

Because if we want to have exponential growth, we want to learn from the best of the best in their industry. From sales experts to money coaches to marketing ninjas, you get access to all of their brains.

($2000 value)

Vault of 10+ Video Modules + Workbooks

It's like a vault of all the secrets and knowledge in my mind that are going to answer all your burning questions and equip you will the knowledge you need - but at your own pace.

($1500 value)

Brand New

Private Facebook Group AND Group Voxer

What fun would it be to do this alone? That's why you have the private Facebook community only for our little tribe to connect, collaborate, and bounce your ideas off of. And yes I'm in there every day as well!

Access to all my Past Courses/Programs

You guys are my VIPs and VIP treatment includes well, everything! You get it all: courses, programs, templates, resources! You name it, we've got it.

($2500 value)

Is this right for you?

You’re a business owner or entrepreneur who is making consistent $5k in your business and you’re ready to begin consistently earning $10k per month and scale to six figures – without pulling your hair out or sacrificing your sanity

You absolutely love the idea of being a part of a tribe of other badass women that lean on, learn from, and inspire one another to do live their best life

You know it’s time to ditch the struggle bus and get help from someone who has been in your shoes and can provide the support, accountability, and direction to help you thrive in your biz

You want to truly live the dream laptop lifestyle and build your empire from tropical beaches and ancient cobble stone cities. You'll have time for life to be routine and boring when your dead!

You dream of waking up every day excited about running a thriving business that is perfectly aligned with your vision - and you're ready to go from 0-60! No more messing around.

Meet your Head Coach

Hey! I'm Amanda! I'm a Business and Marketing coach that helps creative entrepreneurs and coaches build and scale their online business to six figures so that they can live a freedom lifestyle!

I built my own 6 figure business in less than 8 months by harnessing the power of my own personal brand and utilizing organic social media marketing. I also travel around the world full time and am currently based on the tropical island of Bali.

My goal is to help you create a business that is unique to you and that supports your financial, lifestyle, and even crazy pipe dreams...

because you.            have it all!


I'm also living proof that it’s possible to create the lifestyle of your wildest dreams. (not to be cliche or anything but I mean it).

In the past year and a half, I’ve gone from corporate job to English teacher to scattered client work for $20 /hour to building my dream six figure business, being booked and busy, and helping my dream clients do the same. All while traveling the world and living in places that used to only exist on my Instagram feed. 

When I first started my business, I went ALL IN. I worked longer hours than my corporate job for less money. Like, a lot less. But I was committed to building my business and nothing was going to stand in my way. I knew I was tough... I just had no clue entrepreneurship would be so tough too. Yikes.

I poured all of my heart, soul, and TIME into my business and still couldn’t get over the hump. While all my business heroes that I envy-followed were making consistent money AND enjoying the joys of digital nomad life, I was spending my days in between my laptop and Instagram, wondering if maybe I just wasn’t cut out for this laptop lifestyle? 

I knew I needed help. Not another Instagram hack. Not another course with more information and tips. I needed high-level help. And that’s when everything changed for me.

It was only a matter of months after hiring my first high level coach and joining my first group program, surrounding myself with passionate, next level entrepreneurs, that my business took off like a freakin’ rocket ship. ZOOM babyy!

Now, I have $30k+ launches like its my day job (oh wait it is),  I wake up to Stripe notifications on the reg, and freakin' LOVE what I do every damn day. But this is no longer it’s about me. It’s about YOU.

I help people just like you take their passion and ideas and execute like a CEO so that they too can scale to six figures while exploring Roman ruins and Thai temples on the weekends. And now it’s your turn. Inside The Laptop Lifestyle Mastermind, I’m giving you the high level systems and strategies, the genuine support, the unstoppable mindset, and the tight knit tribe to level up into the business and laptop lifestyle of your dreams. This point in time - when you start to hit consistent $5k months - is when it becomes real; is when you realize THIS, girlfriend, is your forever future; and is when you see that this is a profitable business sky rocketing towards six freakin' figures!

And the best part? We’ll be heading to a dreamy tropical island, where you’ll be business building from the freakin’ beach. 

Sounds too good to be true right?

Why don't you join and see?!

Meet your Guest Coaches

Shannon Lutz

Marketing Mentor & Email Marketing Ninja


Alyssa Hammond

Money & Mindset Coach


Jessie Lim

Business Coach & Owner of Design Agency, Brandly


Ellen Coule

Sales & Marketing Expert for 7 & 8 figure Brands


Arielle Gelosi

Bookkeeper & Finance Queen


Victoria Gersh

Leadership & Teaming Coach + Hiring Pro



vip baby

payment plan

pay in full

payment plan

vip includes:



Apply Now

6 months private voxer access

one 90 min intensive


one payment of

6 monthly payments

+ $1000 downpayment

6 monthly payments

+ $1000 downpayment

**only 2 spots

You are capable.

Look, you wouldn’t be reading this if deep down inside there wasn’t a part of you that KNOWS this is exactly what you need to help you get to that next level. 

But you already knew that, so let me reassure you and cut to the chase.

You are more than capable. You are cut out for this. You have already proven you have the guts, the lady balls, the determination, and the desire to make this thing work.

But now it’s time to make a decision - You can keep doing what you’re doing – getting by and simply making it work - or you can smash through this plateau and finally start thriving doing what you love!

Here’s the thing with decisions - we have to make a lot of them as business owners and there often aren’t clear right or wrong answers. There are only moments months or years down the road where you look back and say.....

Are you ready to go big and join us?!

This will be one of those moments. This is one of those opportunities.

You didn’t strike out on your own and start your business just so that you could sit back and play it safe. You did it because you were brave enough to demand more for yourself. You did it so that you could create a life built on your terms, in alignment with your goals and vision. Now, you have a chance in front of you to take charge and keep moving in the direction of your dreams, girl. 

Want to know my biggest regret? Not investing in myself sooner. I know, I know, *eye roll*. you’ve heard it before, but that’s because it’s true. 

You want to know the secrets at the top? I promise you there aren’t as many as you think, but here is one that’s not so secret anymore: invest, act, and think like Next Level You and that is EXACTLY who you will become.

To make my first six figures, I invested over $60k and started embodying that next level CEO role months prior! And because I did, I reached six figures in less than 8 months, was waking up every morning doing what I love, traveled the world, and avoided a lot of years and tears of turmoil. 

So if you are looking for the secret sauce and the patterns of successful business owners here ya go. Reaching your goals and finally achieving everything you want and more will come when you continue to invest in your business and yourself, and when you refuse to be anything other than unstoppable.

Again, let me be the one to reassure you: You are capable and yes, you sure as hell deserve it.

"that decision completely changed my life."

I've got the champagne ready to celebrate those $10k month!

now I'm just waiting for you!

I'm in!

We kick off January 6, 2021.

The mastermind lasts for 6 consecutive months through June.

When do we start?

Are you an ambitious, go-getter ready to be making consistent $10k months? Are you inspired and fueled by travel? Are you ready to go all in and finally be a part of a tribe and become unstoppable?

Then YES! The Laptop Lifestyle Mastermind is right for you!

Is it right for me?

Can I join next time?

If you want to wait until summer of 2021 to start scaling your business, bringing in more income, and reaching your goals, then sure, you can apply in a year. If you are serious about your business and getting results, you are going to want to apply now, girlfriend.

How much access do I get to Amanda?

A ridiculous amount! We have 3 private coaching calls, 12 group coaching calls, 24/7 chatting access in the Facebook group and Voxer AND a whole month in Thailand together!

Space is limited to 10 women. For this reason Amanda is interviewing every single person to make sure they are a good fit.

How many other women are invited to the mastermind?

No flights are no included.

**all the travel questions**

Are flights includee to Bali and/or Thailand?


What are the travel dates?

That is absolutely okay as you will still get the full mastermind support without the retreat however everyone is strongly encouraged to come to Thailand at least because it is going to be a blast and such a unique bonding experience.

What if I don't want to or can't come to Thailand?


vip baby

payment plan

pay in full

payment plan

vip includes:



Apply Now

6 months private voxer access

one 90 min intensive


one payment of

6 monthly payments

+ $1000 downpayment

6 monthly payments

+ $1000 downpayment

**only 2 spots